Northwest Raven Cultural and Humanitarian

"We are the Northwest Raven Sisters"

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Dance Members:
Sharon Byerly
- Aleut
Linda Casteel - Aleut

Imelda Moore - Filipino

AnnMarie Barnes - Seqwecmec

Natacha Sesko - Chinese

Pamela Sparks - Cherokee
Gigi Wilson - Mohawk

Connie Johnson

Hiroko Havekost




NWRCH Advisor(s):

Gene Tagaban - Tlingit


Active Members:

Pat & Larry Gifford - Aleut

Patricia Gifford - Aleut

Hiroko Havekost - Japanese


Business Participants:

Canal Automotive-Belfair

Northshore Towing-Belfair


Doe Star--Regalia Designer


Community Supporters:

Barnes Family

Byerly Family

Casteel Family

Havekost Family

Johnson Family

Moore Family 

Moore Vicki - Osage/Chickasaw - Oklahoma

Pacatte Family

Sesko Family

Sparks Family