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Founded in 2008, the mission of the Northwest Raven Cultural and Humanitarian(NWRCH) Shall be to serve the community and to provide educational, humanitarian and diverse cultural activities.
           Fo Guan Shan Monastery                                                             Glory Pier


Welcome luncheon hosted by Mayor Chen

February 16, 2008 The Northwest Ravens performed at the Grand-Hilai Hotel for Mayor Chen of Kaohsiung Taiwan. 


A showcase of diverse cultural activities:  Native American mini drum workshop by Sharon Byerly-Aleut Alaskan Native American.
Other diverse cultural activities for the education and enjoyment of the greater Washington Community:


Keyport Diversity Day - August 7, 2008
. The street came alive with the sound of drums and Native American chants as the Northwest Ravens delighted the crowd with Indian dance.

Diversity Day 2008 – Educational & Fun!!

By Marietta Atwater, KeyPortal News Editor, Code TMC
Snohomish Tribe -- Fort Flagler August 16, 2008
2009 Kaohsiung Lantern Festival



Seattle Center--Filipino Independence Day June 7, 2008

                            Northwest Ravens with Washington State Governor Chris Gregoire




Curtural Day - Crossroad Mall Bellevue November 8, 2008











On going projects


 Northtwest Raven Cultural & Humanitarian is collecting care packages for our soldiers!

We bring hot meals to Seatac (USO) United Service Organization where our soldiers & their families await for their loved ones arrival or departure.



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